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 Earth - The water planet. What would it be without weather?

PLEASE READ: These services are provided as a courtesy. Prudent Mariners should never rely on any one weather source. We are in no way responsible for the accuracy of this information and have no influence over it's production, in any way.

NRL Monterey Marine Meteorology Division - Tropical Cyclone Page

Click HERE for Hurricane & Tropical Storm info from NRL Monterey (a US Navy site)

NRL Monterey is an well organized, comprehensive, storm & weather site. Highly recommended!


Weather by Zip or City

Enter a City or Zip


Today's Weather
Create a personalized Weather page or, just check the forecast.  Simply enter your Zip or City Name and click GO!  Resulting page includes 10 day forecast and RADAR.

View current and future phases of the Moon

Click me for Moon Phases and other Moon Info!

Click the Moon's image to open a floating window.

For more Astronomy software, try the Dublin Night Sky Observer


GOES Satellite Products

East CONUS West CONUS Puerto Rico Alaska Hawaii
Full Size East CONUS IR Image Full Size West CONUS IR Image Full Size Puerto Rico IR Image Full Size Alaska IR Image Full Size Hawaii IR Image 
Infrared East CONUS IR MPEG Movie Infrared West CONUS IR MPEG Movie




Full Size East CONUS VIS Image Full Size West CONUS VIS Image Full Size Puerto Rico VIS Image Full Size Alaska VIS Image Full Size Hawaii VIS Image
Visible East CONUS VIS MPEG Movie Visible West CONUS VIS MPEG Movie Visible Visible Visible
Full Size East CONUS WV Image Full Size West Conus WV Image Full Size Puerto Rico WV Image Full Size Alaska WV Image Full Size Hawaii WV Image
Vapor East CONUS MPEG Movie Vapor West CONUS WV MPEG Movie Water Vapor Water Vapor Water Vapor

NEXRAD and Doppler RADAR

Click for "Real Time", auto updating NEXRAD RADAR Click for National RADAR Summary Click for National RADAR Image Click for National RADAR Image
NEXRAD Storms (Overlay) Radar - Animated RADAR - Still
More Marine Forecasts and Tides  (Includes Marine Forecast Locator)
Marine Forecasts: U.S. Waters (Click HERE) "M/V Minch" Miami's only icebreaker! That's right, Miami, Florida...

Tides: North America

(Click HERE)
These are LARGE pages! Please be patient while loading!  

Buoy Reporting System

Sea Surface & Marine Boundary Layer Data Sea Surface Buoy Data from NDBC
Data obtained from NOAA Buoys. Click the Map to load...

Specialty Items: Maps & Charts 

MAP KEY -  L: Large (640x480)  A: Animated  S: Still
US NEXRAD RADAR composit and individual station graphics. Regional NEXRAD RADAR composite and individual station graphics. Click for current Severe Weather Map and local statements.
NEXRAD (L,S) Regional NEXRAD (L,S) Severe Weather (L,S)
See the positions of the Stars and Planets from your location! Global Sea Surface Temperture Map Tropical Storm Map with additional Tropical resources attached.
Astronomy (L,S) Sea Surface Temps (L,S) Tropical Weather (L,S)
US Infrared Satellite image, still. US Infrared Satellite image, animated. All current US Weather Fronts showing movement and direction, animated.
US IR Satellite (L,S) US IR Satellite (L,A) US Fronts (A)
US Temperature Map, animated. US Wind strength and direction, animated. US Relative Humidity, animated.
Temperature (A) Wind (A) Relative Humidity (A)
Current US visibility map, animated. US Heat Index (feels like) temperature map, animated. US dewpoint representation, animated.
Visibility (A) Heat Index (A) Dewpoints (A)
Current US RADAR Map, animated. US Windchill Map, animated. US Ultraviolet strengh and exposure time map.
Radar Map (A) Windchill (A) UV Forecast (S)
US Jet Stream Winds showing speed and location, animated. US Snow Accumulation. US Pollen alerts, types and locations.
Jet Stream (A) Snow (A) Pollen (S)

Foreign Temperature Maps

Temperature Map:  Australia Temperature Map:  Northern Asia Temperature Map:  Africa
Australia (A) Northern Asia (A) Africa (A)
Temperature Map:  Canada Temperature Map:  Southern Asia Temperature Map:  Europe
Canada (A) Southern Asia (A) Europe (A)
Temperature Map:  Central America Temperature Map:  South America Temperature Map:  Anarctica
Central America (A) South America (A) Antarctica (A)
National Weather Service (NWS) Home Pages

Click on the Map to load. Maximize resulting Window for best view.
Near "Real Time" National Lightning Strike Data

Click the image at right to open "Lightning Explorer" in a new window.

National Aviation Weather  - Aviation Digital Data Service


Click either of the links above or the graphic for Aviation related weather

NOAA's Space Environment Center

earth_sun1.gif (9232 bytes)

Click the image for EVERYTHING to do with Space Weather!

Storm, Flood, Severe, Tornado warnings and more.

Click on a NOAA Seal to open in a new window.

Marine and Storm Resources
NRL Monterey Coast Watch Data Buoys Real Time Buoys
Ocean Weather Scripps Institute US Navy FNMOC Hurricane Hunters
Hurricane CT FTP Wunderground Offshore WX GOES Imagery
International Sats U of W - Madison UCAR - RAP Data IntelliCast.Com
Unisys Weather Ensemble Data NOAA ARL Ready Canadian Env

Specialty Weather Products

"One Sky" project.

A wealth of Weather information from U of M

One Sky, Many Voices (K-12) Complete Tropical Weather
Weather by State
Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California
Colorado Connecticut Delaware Dist of Columbia Florida
Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana
Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine
Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi
Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire
New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota
Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Puerto Rico
Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas
Utah Vermont Virgin Islands Virginia Washington
West Virginia Wisconsin





Space Weather

Solar X-Ray Emission

Current Solar X-Ray emission status.

Geomagnetic Field Status

Current Geomagnetic field status.


Find Satellites or the International Space Station

This application will show you where visible satellites will appear in the sky along with the position of stars and planets. Takes a while to load.


NWS RADIOFAX Products (WeatherFax)

These charts are rather large and take time to load so, please be patient after selection!

Station: NMF - USCG - Boston, MA

Station: NMC - USCG - Point Reyes, CA

This service is provided for those who do not have HF Radio capability. These charts appear as they would be received over HF RADIOFAX and Satellite. Chart sizes have NOT been reduced. After a chart loads, click the Print Button on the Toolbar for hardcopy. Chart sizes vary from 800 x 600 to 1200 x 800 so, be patient!

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