Game Controls
Rotate Ship Left: A
Rotate Ship Right: S
Thrusters: K
Fire Missile: L
Pause game: P
Restart game: R

How To Play

First, click in the Applet area and press "R" to start...

The object is to blow up the ship in the middle of the screen. The ship is protected by three rotating shield rings. You can shoot away the segments of the rings, but be careful. If you completely destroy a ring, the center ship creates a new ring to take its place.

The ship in the center will also shoot at you if there are no ring segments between you and it.

The center ship is also protected by three little floating mines. They slowly move towards your ship at all times. The more often you blow up the center ship, the faster the little mines get. After a while, they are as feisty as a pack of killer bees!