Southern Cross'  Pet Page
Pictures and Web Page By Devon Fehn
Dsc01547 Michael.jpg (326887 bytes) Dsc01537 Michael.jpg (324363 bytes) Dsc01554 Sir Michael.jpg (562417 bytes)
My cat, Michael, sitting on the couch in our salon. Michael again on the end of my bed. Michael, sitting in the salon with his usual royal look.
Dsc01548Fred.jpg (597081 bytes) Dsc01538 Fed.jpg (328668 bytes) Dsc01549 Upchuck.jpg (591417 bytes)
The common Fred look. Fred and the utter Fred. Charlie, my fish, and my hermit crab can all fit on one shelf?! Wow!
Dsc01550 Beta.jpg (140070 bytes) Dsc01551 Beta.jpg (567556 bytes) Dsc01552 Hermy.jpg (634425 bytes)
My Beta fish, Coco, being curious. Coco, showing off. My hermit crab's cage, and his little cocktail umbrella.
Dsc01553 Hermy.jpg (560302 bytes) Dsc01562 Hermy up close.jpg (536978 bytes) Dsc01560 Hermy up close.jpg (469131 bytes)
Another view of my hermit crab's cage. Trip, named after a character in my previous book for his curiosity. Trip, again taking a walk.