My Friends

All of my friends from home and boating in the Keys.

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Two of my best friends Eric and Lauren from NJ. Eric and Lauren pose for a picture with Eric distracted by Lauren's animal crackers. Eric's most charming smile. Another one of my best friends, Chelsea from NJ.
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Risa, from Gloria A Dios, taking a small brake from driving while her dad and my mom chat. Gloria A Dios anchored in Newfound Harbor behind us. Loose Change anchored next to us in Newfound Harbor. Albion anchored behind us all in Newfound Harbor.
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Risa, Alex, Alexandra (from Sea Yawl), and I swimming at Sombrero Key Reef. Matt (from Loose Change), Risa, and I sailing in Gloria A Dios' sailing dinghy. All of the kids watch as Daniel (from Sea Yawl) swings from Glori A Dios' rigging. Tristen (from Loose Change) also takes a turn as the boat rocks from side-to-side at Sombrero Key Reef.
Dsc01338 Matt, Alex, Devon, Kim, Katie, Risa.jpg (83561 bytes) Dsc01359 SY, FAF, GAD, LC kids.jpg (69307 bytes) DSC01339.JPG (85676 bytes)
From left to right: Matt, Alex, Kym (from Faith Afloat), Katie (also from Faith Afloat) Risa (turning her back to the camera), and I . All the kids aboard our boat, Southern Cross, for a movie. Alex, Kym, and Katie watch as Risa takes a leap from the side.

To all the friends that I have that are not shone up there, send me your pictures trough mail, e-mail, or come give them to me personally!