Hi, my name is Devon Fehn. I am 13 years old and have lived on a boat since April, 2003. I live on a 40 Marine Trader Sedan with my mother, father, and sister, cruising the East Coast. I was born in Cape May, New Jersey, and have lived there in the same house until last year. I have 2 half brothers who are older than collage age. They are still living in New Jersey. I have my own cat (out of three), a beta fish, and a hermit crab that I found in Bahia Honda, Florida Keys.

I do home school with my sister as a classmate (who is in 5th grade) and my mother as my teacher. I am in 7th and 8th grade. Half of my books are 8th and half are 7th.

It has been a little more difficult than I thought to find friends but I have found a couple of really good ones down here in the Keys. Every summer we go back up to New Jersey to see friends, and down to the Keys for the winter.

If your not a cruiser you probably think that were nuts, but you should try living on a boat even if it means its just a vacation. It really opens up a whole new world to you.

Devon Marie Herbicek Fehn