Freddie Charlie Michael

When we first moved on the boat I thought, four people ,plus three cats can not possibly live on this tiny Trawler. To my surprise tiny was not the word for this forty foot Marine Trader Sedan..

For twenty-five years old, the boat was in good condition. Anyway, the cats were a little iffy about living on the boat. Our youngest cat Frederica loved to walk the docks. Unfortunately, that's what made her fall in the water. When we were in Miami we were at a marina. Between the dock and the boat there was about a two foot space you had to jump. She did well for a few days. Then one morning I woke up to the sound of a cat crying . It turned out that Fred had tried to jump off the boat and instead landing in the water. She was found by my mom clinging to a piling.

Our other cats Charlie and Michael never ventured far from the boat after Fred's incident. Charlie is orange, Freddie is black, and Michael is gray. Well, that's all for now!

Alexandra Annalise Fehn

PS: Click Freddie's picture to hear "Mad Freddie"